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Sometimes I try to text in English, because I am very thankful, that I've learned a language in school, which I can use to contact almost the whole world. It isn‘t very important to make no mistakes while using other languages. The only mistake you can do, is not speaking a language although you've learned it. Especially when you are younger, an article in English could help you to improve your skills while reading interesting and useful stories.

For everybody who don't know me, I want to introduce myself. I am Marie, 29 years old, working as a freelancing illustrator and writer. Writing is my passion. ♥

I also love to motivate other people and to help them to be their own director of life. I studied Social Work and I've worked in a youth prison, at a drug emergency service, an old people's home, a nursery and as a Nanny, but I decided (also because of my chronic diseases) to be #justme and take care of my soul and learn a #healthylifestyle and write a book, which helps others. I am also working as a life-coach, but not mainly. ☺️

The social work is very hard for a #highlysensitiveperson, because as an empath you feel other people's energy like you feel your own. This is not the only problem. There are too few specialists so you have a very high pressure to be there for every client.


That was too much for me. It wasn't easy for me to accept, because every job I loved I had to quit, because my #chronicalillness forced me to do so. For a few years I had a very hard time, but one day, when my doctor told me that she has no opportunity to help me with that virus, I realized, how strong my #ebv is and that I completely have to change my whole life, because cancer or another autoimmun diseases will follow anyway. So I decided to read everything about #epsteinbarrvirus and try to help me on my own. I talked to professors & other docs, but till today nobody can help me with that.


In the last months I got a few advices from helpful people and today I feel very happy and much stronger than before. My immune system is getting stronger everyday with healthy food, sports and a lot of discipline and I've realized how important it is to be a role model for others. I am so proud because I have also #chronicmigraine since my birth and have to fight against CFS and fibromyalgia, too. My successful path has encouraged me to be a coach for others and I will #nevergiveup. I also want to tell you, to keep always your head up. I will help you to solve your own problems.

You are not alone!

Be #selfconfident! You are beautiful as you are, no matter who you are ♥
Don't let anybody tell you that it is impossible to fight against an illness! It is possible. You just have to believe in god and in yourself.
If you need help in a special situation you can text me to find out, how I could help you! I know that it is easy to motivate others, but not to motivate yourself – especially when you have to go through the deepest valleys. I can be a support on your journey. Don't be afraid to contact me. I am sure that you will be impressed how easy you can change your mind after just one message. ♥ Try it! I am only one message away!


Marie :)

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»Viele würden gern ein einfacheres Leben führen, wenn der Weg dahin nicht so kompliziert wäre.«

(Justus Jonas, Humanist)

Hi, ich bin Marie. Ich freue mich, dass Du auf meiner Seite gelandet bist. Ich möchte Dir mit meinem Angebot helfen, wieder oder endlich ein selbstbewusstes Leben zu führen. "Leben statt Leiden" lautet dabei mein Grundsatz. Wenn auch Du Ratsuchende/r bist, dann sieh Dich in Ruhe auf meiner Seite um und lass Dich inspirieren.

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