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by Marie Schwarz



I am still here. Just spending #qualitytime with my family and get inspired by impressive people all over the world. I am also doing some work, because I want to share my new #migrainepose video with you on youtube. Please be patient for a little longer.

It is really important for me to support people with chronic pain.
Not everyone is open, to talk about disabilites, because most of the people don't want to talk about "negative" things. Maybe they are afraid of becoming sick after talking with someone who is ill. I don't know. One thing I know, is that it is really important to spread awareness.

If you are also a #migrainewarrior I want to say thank you for being so strong and working so hard despite migraine. I know how hard it is to raise energy for writing posts - especially because of the migrainepose article. #nevergiveup. You are #notalone. And never forget, that we are a strong community and we can #makeachange if we all work together. This is our life and we do not have to be ashamed. #loveyall


But today I also want to tell you something, which is really important for me:

The love for and of my Vizsla girl. My dog is highly sensitive as I am and it impresses me everytime, when Lilli feels when I have a migraine. Sometimes she takes my arm and wants me to sit down and relax. I don't know, if she really can smell/feel how my level of energy is, but I think she is doing a good job.


If you have a pet, you maybe know how important the love and energy of an animal is. They accept you in every moment of your life and they don't take care whether you are in a good or a bad condition. I just want to share my experiences with you to show that a dog is not a burden, but a faithful companion. But please only adopt a pet when you are able to take care everyday. For me it is good, because I am outside for a walk everyday. This is very good for my health and helps me with my Fibromyalgia.


Have a great painless evening and don’t forget: #takecareofyourself and be a part of a SOCIAL interaction in the world wide web!


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»Viele würden gern ein einfacheres Leben führen, wenn der Weg dahin nicht so kompliziert wäre.«

(Justus Jonas, Humanist)

Hi, ich bin Marie. Ich freue mich, dass Du auf meiner Seite gelandet bist. Ich möchte Dir mit meinem Angebot helfen, wieder oder endlich ein selbstbewusstes Leben zu führen. "Leben statt Leiden" lautet dabei mein Grundsatz. Wenn auch Du Ratsuchende/r bist, dann sieh Dich in Ruhe auf meiner Seite um und lass Dich inspirieren.

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